Collin County Visitation Attorneys


Custody, or parenting time, is perhaps the most hotly contested issue in any divorce. Even if parents are able to resolve most of their disputes through mediation, they might have vastly different ideas about what is best for the children. The laws in this practice area are gender neutral, so the parents' ability to work together in mediation and negotiation is very important.

The Plano child custody attorneys at the Law Office of Daryl T. Gordon are accustomed to guiding clients through these emotionally charged negotiations. We strive to gather as much information as possible regarding to your unique situation in order to better help you work through it. Our firm will diligently work to design a parenting plan that is acceptable to both parents, while keeping the focus firmly on doing what is best for the child or children.

While we realize that it is nearly impossible to create a visitation plan that defeats all time challenges and issues, but coming up with a plan that accommodates the child is the best course of action. In the future, the needs and wants of the child may change. It is best to create an agreed-upon document now, but have the flexibility to understand that this plan may change as the child grows and matures. An experienced attorney can guide you through the post judgment modifications process when and if that becomes necessary.