Collin County Child Support Guidelines Attorneys

If you are facing divorce and the difficult process of calculating child support and child custody, it is wise to consult with one of the Plano child support attorneys at our firm. We understand that decisions you face during your divorce are met with the strong desire to just get through the process and move on with your life. Allow your lawyer to help you navigate this process and protect your financial stability.

Even though the determination of child support is fairly formulaic in Texas, there are variables that must be considered, including childcare costs. Having an experienced lawyer guide you through the process ensures that all legal avenues of cost are explored. You can count on the Law Office of Daryl T. Gordon to investigate every aspect of your situation in order to accurately assess your financial needs in the long term.


Texas child support calculator is formulaic, but there are several variables that need to be accurately estimated and reported, including:


  • Income of each parent
  • Day care costs
  • Health care costs


Additionally, visitation must be considered. If the paying parent does not show up for scheduled parenting time, the costs of caring for the child may go up for the receiving parent. It is in your best interest to work with an attorney to complete the calculator and ensure its accuracy.