Prominent Plano Fathers' Rights Attorneys: The Law Office of Daryl T. Gordon


Paternal custody rights are one part of divorce where men might need the help of an experienced attorney. Most men struggle emotionally when facing divorce, and this might challenge their ability to accurately navigate these waters. Many men are loving, nurturing and constantly thinking about ways to become better parents. It is the job of your lawyer to convey these messages to a court of law.

Fathers' rights can be a difficult area of the law. The presumption is that women always know what to do, and this puts men at a disadvantage. Our founding attorney, Daryl T. Gordon, is a divorced father. He uses this personal experience and his extensive knowledge of the law to guide men through the divorce process. You can count on us to defend your rights throughout the process while diligently fighting to protect your best interests.

Collin County Grandparents' Rights Attorneys

The legislation specific to grandparents' rights has seen dramatic changes over the last several years. Unfortunately, these changes have effectively shrunk the amount of rights recognized by the courts.

Many times, grandparents might feel obligated to take charge of a child's life. Several factors, such as neglect or lifestyle choice, can make a loving grandparent feel that it is necessary to take legal steps to protect their grandchildren. Their rights are limited, and the rules are complex. It is wise to consult with an experienced lawyer in order to decide on the best course of action.